Class Description

Morning Flow

Wake up your muscles with this Moderate Vinyasa Flow class designed to warm up and energize and the body. We will conclude with a few floor postures to unwind and end with an essential oil infused guided meditation.

Leave class ready to enter the rest of your day with vitality and equanimity. All levels are welcome to this nourishing flow. 

 Flow & Restore 

Flow & Restore is the perfect class to unwind a busy day. Expect a mindful flow to start, build strength while releasing some tension. For the other half of the class we will hold the postures longer to repair and restore the entire system, and end with an essential oil infused guided meditation 


The class begins with an invigorating full-body energising flow that improves blood circulation and physical balance, increases endorphins and strengthens muscles, before moving into restorative stretches that increase flexibility and deeply calm the nervous system. Expect assisted touch and light massage (with CBD infused skin and muscle balm*) to be offered throughout the class and to leave feeling revived, reconnected and decompressed. Best for: Burnt out and stressed folks, parents needing some reprieve from childcare, people needing a "reset" to help them to establish their sense-of-self again, those looking for a spiritual and unique class, and of course, anybody who wants to feel good!